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Sylvia Tracy-
Doolos, Genealogical Researcher & Family Archivist 
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The Process

Hiring New Leaf Genealogy  for your family history needs begins with a complimentary consultation. I only accept clients who I feel I can help with their research needs. I will discuss your goals, get background information and explain the steps it will take to achieve your goal in the most cost effective manner. All information collected from you is held in the strictest confidence. As a member of the Association of Professional Genealogists I strictly adhere to their Code of Ethics

 A contract outlining your goals, expectations, time line, and fees will be agreed upon before work begins.

 I will collect images of all pertinent documents  in your possession, all known information and a deposit. You retain all your original documents.

 I will keep you informed by email on a regular basis regarding progress. Updates will include information on where I have searched and what I've found. If certified copies of original documents are available, I will provide you with information on how to obtain them and the fees involved, or I can obtain them for you.

 Once the research goal has been achieved as defined in the contract the balance is due. You will receive a written report to keep and share with family members, including copies of all source documents used to achieve the goal.  I will also provide the report electronically, including source documents. This will provide all the information you need to follow the facts from beginning to end.

 I will retain all documents electronically for a minimum of five years.

New Leaf Genealogy
Denver, Colorado, USA

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