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Sylvia Tracy-
Doolos, Genealogical Researcher & Family Archivist 
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My Research Interests

My personal family research is where my passion for genealogy began.  My family's story has roots reaching back to England, France, Germany, Ireland, Scotland, Switzerland and Wales.  My husband's roots are primarily in Greece and Norway.  Our earliest roots in the U.S. began in Connecticut, Maryland, Massachusetts, New York and Virginia, following typical migration routes through Indiana, Kentucky, New Jersey, North Carolina and Tennessee. 

 My research interests cover a variety of areas:

 I find the role of faith and community in migration patterns of particular interest.

Genetic genealogy continues to be a valuable tool in researching your ancestors. If you are interested in looking beyond the paper trail your ancestors left, DNA could be an interesting option for you. It is for me!

 Women's history is researched differently, and women's lives are documented differently. Understanding women's roles within our families is important to fully understand our heritage.

 Language affects more than just the spelling of our name. The language and terminology of our ancestors helps us understand where our family came from and how they migrated. Linguistic tools help us make sense of language, and can be the key to locating our ancestors. 

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